The Ancient Mayan Town of Tikal

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The city, believed to have spanned from 4thcentury B.C.E. reached it’s height during the Classic Period around 200 to 900 C.E. The archaeological artifacts found at this site and excavations have given much insight into this ancient Mayan city as well as the Mayans who lived there. Tikal was the capital of a conquest state that grew to be one of the most powerful kingdoms during the time of the ancient Mayans.

Ancient City

The ancient city of Tikal has been restored partially by the University of Pennsylvania and Guatemala. It is one of the biggest Mayan cities of the Classic period and is also one of the largest cities in the Americas. Even before the actual excavations began, the locals new of the ancient city, it wasn’t until 1951 when a small airstrip was built near the ruins that the Tikal Project got underway. From 1956 to 1970 the site was mapped out by many archaeological excavations. The project recorded over 200 monuments. From this the Guatemalan government furthered excavations until about 1984.


Visiting Tikal will open your eyes to the ancient Mayan civilization. Some of the best sites to see include the Great Plaza, The Central and North Acropolis’, the Mundo Perdido, as well as the Temple IV. An added bonus will be random monkeys in the trees above. In addition to these sites there is aso the Sylvanus G. Morley Museum, also known as the Tikal Museum. This museum features many of the artifacts unearthed from the excavations. In addition to the Tikal sites and museums there is are also tours of the jungle available, which is an added bonus to any trip.

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